Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prologue to my dream..

Being from the Northern part of the world, I adore the winter.....this means, fur coats, leather gloves, Sorels, my Russian fur hat annnnnd hockey players!
I was awaken this morning by the principle dancer in Swan Lake to tell me that our Ballet is closed today, along with most everything else in the city......I then went out on my deck and was immediately in bliss; not only was 16th Street blanketed with snow but I took a quick glance across the street and the H&M sign is up! The countdown begins...........
Here are a couple of photos from my deck and a MUST HAVE from Boat People Vintage!!!!!!!

Also by Boat People Boutique, here are some STUNNING winter shots in Quebec of my bestie June Bhongjan photo credits; Ari Moisan
Outarde! Poudrerie  rafale de neige!