Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mi Familia and the Greyhounds.....

Since I was a young lil' dove my family has always had one sort of the Greyhound breed; our first was a whippet named Sir Ramsay Beux, he grew up with my family and I, endured the cold winters of Alaska, exuded patience while pulling on his tail, biting his ears....dressing him up in flapper costumes and feeding him pepperoni pizza with hot sauce and a few cups of coffee to wash it down....he was our buddy; a smart gentleman he was.... a mastermind at finding ways to jump the fence and a damn genius pup for his yearly demonstrations of individually unwrapping coconut cluster chocolates from Hawaii; a distinguished ole' chap indeed.
 Later down the road I met a gentleman who I grew quite fond of, became my boyfriend and later my ex. Although we agreed on very few ;), we did have the same undying love and obsession for one creature; a greyhound named Marcel Duchamp and if anyone knows all of my secrets it is most certainly him. He is the closest animal I have seen that resembles a human....I always told the ex that I had visions of Marcel rollerskating down the Venice Beach Boardwalk with headphones and a sweat band. Although he was a real crowd pleaser, for his more intellectual days he would be wearing a nice herringbone blazer with leather elbows, an ascot scarf, a hat and smoking a pipe......he is a world class traveler that one, and I miss him everyday.
 Present day we have two Italian Greyhounds named, Seven and Balloon Pontouf. Each of them have extremeley different personalities. Seven needs a script to xanax and needed it yesterday.....and Balloon is a happy go-lucky prancer that lives in space camp for the majority of the day, he is deaf, dumb and blind but in all actually is not deaf dumb and get the jist?
Point being, I do very much treasure this breed.Horrifically they are abused and mistreated if not killed at the race track or puppy mills. Luckily, there are so many places to volunteer and or adopt these retired old buddies, here, here or visit our friends here ANNNNND here.

Here is a copy of the Adoption Application

Also, here is a hysterical website for a nice lil' greyhound garb