Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tis' the Season!

Tis' the season indeed!!!!!
The time has come for FUUUUR! Whether it be vintage or faux I always have some sort of fur on, in the summer over a bikini and even while I sleep.....
I have always thought fur to be a sort of glamour and luxury. My Canadian grandmother always wore this chocolate mink tea sleeved coat with a diamond broach on the collar with Oscar de La Renta parfum, also attached was a halo because she was something from the heavens, incredible. Also, my Spanish grandmother has this divine black and white fur collared scarf also attached was a ruby broach...still to this day she is one of my biggest inspirations....

  I now ask myself; self? Where can I find these dreamy cover-ups to mimic these beautiful women???

   The answer to the question of where in the world can we purchase these stunning winter wears??
Owner, Ari Moisan has it covered from A to Z.....the finest collection of gloves, jackets, collars and scarves....
This is the real deal, the best of the best from the quality to the style Boat People got it covered! Yeah Ari!!!!!