Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prima Ballerina on a spring afternnnooooooon.......

  Those of you that know me, know that I am under contract here in Colorado as Studio Director of a Ballet Academy. Denver Academy of Ballet to be exact, please hold your laughter if you see my bio....ha
The owner of my Academy is the principle dancer at Colorado Ballet, she is absolutely mesmerizing, breathtaking and elegant. I have met a lot of fabulous people in my day but I have to admit, I really have not ever been star struck until I met Chandra. She is the epitome of a swan.......she can walk to get a drink of water and it makes your jaw drop. It is one of the many perks I get from working as the Studio Director as well as an Instructor.
 The next 3  weeks we are going through rehearsals which = no life ;) between all day studios sesh's to fittings, to choreography and now sewing tutus for the little ones.......
 Although ballet takes extreme discipline and a major toll on your feet, it is all well worth it to me. One of the most gratifying feelings I have had in my 28 years is having a mother come up to me in tears and say that I have changed her daughters' life.

The End.