Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halloween Party?

I mean really.....There is a church in the Czech Republic where the alters, chandaliers, bells and art are all made of Human bones. The Church is called the Sedlec Ossuary.40,000 dead, the skulls and skeletons, centuries of war and plague victims, all form the morbid artwork that fills the church - Sedlec’s Church - All Saints ossuary in the Czech Republic. In 1511, the ossuary was created - a half-blind monk gathered the human bones of the black death victims, which were added to with victims from 15th century Hussite Wars. Frantisek Rint, wood carver and artist was employed by the Schwarzenberg family to imaginatively compose the bones into works of art; amongst his creations came the Schwarzenberg family’s coat of arms, and a chandelier containing every bone in the human body, composed of several bodies. In the four corners of the ossuary sit four ‘bells’, pile upon pile of bones carefully stacked with a hollowed center.