Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And I won't forget to put roses on your grave......

This is Gold to me; Chanel No. 5..I don't care who you are, all women should have this and wear it todos los dias para siempre.
The flowers that make up Chanel N°5 flowers are May Rose and Jasmine — and twice a year, those flowers are harvested in Grasse, France. Chanel is so legit that they have their own Jasmine fields specifically for Chanel No. 5. These fields in the south of France produce 20tons of Jasmine flowers and 50 tons of seemingly so that now you will appreciate parfum even more due to the passion and work that goes into making each and every bottle.....appr├ęciez!

Many of you may know that I am sickly obsessed with expensive perfume....well along those likings come some utterly and rather intriguing knowledge about where it originates....not many a bourgeois know how much is put into a single scent let alone the science....Here is an example of love as I know it;
Back in 17th century Persia, a bride noticed a gold substance extracting from her roses and demanded that her servants gather up the substance. That substance is called attar and the worlds' finest is produced in Bulgaria. The Damask rose from Bulgaria prdocues the highest potency of this attar and it takes 170 damask roses to produce a single drop. To yield a single ounce these people have to distill 250 pounds of rose petals! So that being said, it costs $450 an ounce...soooo it was labeled royalty.......give me some, please.