Sunday, January 17, 2010

Otter Milk------Your NEWEST Addiction.

Bienvenidos and welcome to Ottermilk; a new and outstanding lifestyle blog about how sensational  it is to be alive and or to keep you staying alive..... Included in this adventure is the wonderful world of avant-garde fashion, in-famous artists and photographers, friends from the past and future, lovers, FOOD and the ever so occurring current events and much too often misunderstandings.
ALSO, as a citizen of the world really....Over the past 3 years I have really learned about the importance of food and how it can virtually change your whole entire life. I LOVE to eat...and I put it AWAY......However, not being a stranger to the decadence of carbs and overindulgment (is that a word?) of fast food and candy and fried foods and chocolate and just about anything besides black licorice...(and Menudo, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I dislike Menudo)I have put in some time extensively researching the more holistic approach to medicine and old cultural remedies, it all came full circle to me and it all began with plants and the ingestion of plants and the CORRECT foods...and my findings resulted in FOOD CURES ALL! I love a lot of things in this world.....and although I am rather insecure about cooking, I RELISH IT, really, I do. On this blog you shall find everything from the most culturally rich recipes to the most bland recipes for the boring. Most importantly from time to time it will include recipes, recipes with substitutions, recipes to try and replace medicine and to target and treat specific wrongdoings that are going on in the body.
This blog will save relationships, put up the good fight on crime and all in all just good for world peace and your inner soul.
This is the happs and facts of life and I hope we embark and create lust on this short journey together.
Please enjoy Responsibly :)

Ciao Mein,

Brooke Sandoval-Banker